Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Multi-colour beanie made for sale at Etsy.com

Hi there

I have just started to sell the beanies I made from trying out crochet patterns, on Etsy.com.
Thanks goes to Ravelry.com and this site for sharing the pattern I tried out.

Toddler rainbow beanie

crochet toddler rainbow beanie

Toddler rainbow beanie

Some minor variations to this pattern I made include the last row of pink yarn uses double treble crochet v-stitch instead of the usual double crochet v-stitch.  This is to give a bit of height and stretch for the beanie.  I added a reverse single crochet stitch as edging to finish of the beanie.

The finished beanie size is 8" height x 9.25" width of base or 20.5cm height x 24cm width of base.  This will fit a head  circumference of 18" to 20" (46cm to 51cm), it has quite a bit of stretch as I crochet quite loosely, so it should feel cozy.

Made of 8 ply acrylic yarn in multi-colour stripes as shown here, white, natural fawn, variegated orange/red/yellow, lilac, dark brown, dusty pink and burgundy red.

This beanie looks great on my kid, so I thought it may interest someone else.  Perhaps I can add a pom pom just to make it fun.

Finished size:
19" circumference (unstretched)
8" height from crown/top of beanie to bottom of beanie

Sized to suit a toddler's head with 18" to 20" circumference.

Thanks goes to Ravelry.com and this site for the pattern.