Wednesday, 4 December 2013

My own version of the "ice cream social dress"

This is basically a patternless toddler dress.  Just cut your fabrics into rectangles to fit your child's height and chest.

To determine fabric width for the main bodice, use this as a guide: twice the chest width measurement.  Eg. 22" chest measurement, use 44" with for fabric.

Eg. If you want the dress length to be 20", then add 3" for seam allowances and for gathering the top part.

Materials used:

White with floral print cotton fabric 45" width x 16" length - main bodice
Pink floral polyester cotton fabric 45" width x 4" length - bottom border
Shoulder straps - 2 pieces of white fabric same as main bodice, 7" width x 16" length
White elastic 20mm width x 20" length for the chest section.  Can be made shorter for a tighter fit, like 19" length
Elastic for shoulder straps 2 pieces of 6mm (1/4") width x 7.5" length.  In hindsight, I could use shorter length, e.g. 7"?

Where I found the pattern and tutorial:

The finished measurement of this dress is 16.5" length, with 8" straps for shoulders.  This suits my toddler of 2.5 year old.  She wore it to a birthday party for the first time.

toddler dress
gathered dress with frilled elastic sleeves

gathered dress with frilled elastic sleeves - top part