Monday, 23 December 2013

DIY handmade Christmas gifts

Hello there, hope we all had a great Christmas celebration with our family and friends.  I was busy with a few last minute sewing for myself, and also family.  I thought I'd try make myself some grocery bag dispensers with some old bedsheets which I have.

Easy beginner's sewing projects - DIY handmade Christmas gifts (2013)

Infinity scarf
Refashion an existing scarf

Grocery bag dispenser

Materials used:
Singer 160, thread
Old bed sheets.  Medium weight cotton.
Cut 1 piece of rectangle of size 22" L x 18" W
Scrap piece of 1" width brown grosgrain ribbon and 1" white satin ribbon
Elastic - 2 pieces of 6mm width x 5-6" length (I used only one piece per grocery bag holder as I prefer to have a big open top to slip in plastic bags easily)

For a tutorial on how to make a grocery bag dispenser

Grocery tote bag

Fabric from old bed sheets
cut 2 x 18" length x 17" width.
Straps - cut 2 x  12" length x 2.5" width
seam allowances 1/2 "
finished size: 16" x 17".

Headbands for girls and women

Table runner

iPad bag or case

I started mine off as a trial and error sewing project, but thought I share what I found online that resembles most what I did.

Materials used:

All-purpose foot
Sewing machine - Singer 160 and matching colour thread
allow 1/2" seam allowances each side
Actual iPad with plastic case measures approximately 8.5" W x 10.5" L x 1.5" thickness
Outer fabric and inner fabric used - same style and print, 4 pieces of 12.5' x 8.5" or
2 pieces of 25" x 10.5" (Fabric used was Filligree Textiles Pty Ltd, Noah's Ark uncoated Decor fabric. 100% Cotton
Flap:  2 pieces of 10.5" x 5" or 1 piece of 10.5" x 10" (i cut the latter)
Elastic loop - 8cm
Button - 2-3cm diameter
Batting - cut to same size as the outer fabric and inner lining
I allowed 2" extra for seams and bit of room
Inner pocket:  1 piece of 10.5" x 5".  I found the 5" height too shallow to contain earphones or other accessories, so will try a depth of 8-10" next time.

I sewed the hems of the inner pockets first, then top stitch onto the right side of one of the exterior piece.

Also, I did not quilt the batting onto the fabric, only sewed it to the sides within the seam allowances.  Next time I will sew batting to outer fabric and then quilt a pattern by top-stitching straight lines, as it looks flatter and less bulk.

The elastic loop was sewed when I attached the flaps together.
handmade ipad bag
iPad bag with a flap, button and elastic loop.

sew an ipad bag
Ipad bag

I made this using some old mattress protector wadding and uncoated decor fabric

Cushion covers - envelope style, no zippers or buttons used