Thursday, 9 January 2014

Sewing a pillowcase dress 3T size

This is a quick 1-2 hour sewing project depending on how experienced and quick you are.  This is one of the first try I had sewing a pillowcase dress using new pre-washed cotton and poplin fabric. 

Start with 44" width cotton fabric, cut a length of 24-26" fabric if you do not want to add a floral hem at the bottom of dress.  Final length is around 22-23".

For straps, I think I used 44" for one single strap, so I cut two 44" length x 3"width to make a narrow strap.

It is made to fit three year old child.

Beginner's sewing project. I did not serge the seams, instead I fold the fabric by 1/4" once, iron it and fold it again 1/4". This way, all my seams are enclosed.  

Some useful sites to follow are:

To have arm-holes cut out, try this site: