Saturday, 3 August 2013

Crochet a toddler springtime hat

Crochet a cluster circle and open mesh hat

Beginner's stitches:  Chain, double trebel, trebel and double crochet stitches. UK symbols used here.  This is my own crochet pattern that I am offering for free.  Please tell others and send a link back here if you like this hat pattern.

Equipment needed:
4mm (brim) and 5mm (body of hat) size crochet hook
8 Ply or DK acrylic yarn

Crochet stitches used in this pattern:
Double crochet, trebel crochet, double trebel crochet and chain.

This size is for a toddler, 2 to 4 year old. You can measure the head circumference and adjust this top of hat to fit your toddler's head.

Top of hat.
Do a cluster circle pattern following Jan Eaton's pattern on page 77 of her book, The Encyclopedia of Crochet Techniques.  This will take Rounds 1 to 5 to complete.  Instead of doing just a trebel stitch where she used trebel crochet, I accidentally used double trebel  stitches!!  So I did double trebel stitches in rounds 1 to 4, and changed to trebel stitches only in round 5. Use 5mm size hook.

Shaping the crown and turning downwards to body.
Round 6 to round 9 do double crochets in each stitch.
Round 10 - 14 create sides using Trebel crochet to make lattice or open mesh design.
Round 10 Ch 4, *1 tr crochet, skip 1 st, then 1 tr crochet next st.  Repeat from * to end of rows for rounds 10 to 14.  Slip stitch to the third stitch of turning chain in this round to complete round 10.
Round 11 Ch 4 then repeat * from round 10 to end.  Repeat for rounds 12 to 14.

Make the hat's brim from Round 15 to round 25, use size 4mm crochet hook.
Round 15 ch 1, *1 dc next st, then 2 dc next stitch.  Repeat * to end of row.
Round 16 ch 1, *1 dc next st, then 2 dc next stitch.  Repeat * to end of row.
Round 17 to round 25, ch 1, then 1 dc in each stitch, slip stitch to chain 1 of turning chain to complete each round.

Please see the books I recommend on the side of this blog, to source the actual pattern for the cluster circle.  Due to copyrights issue, I cannot share them here.