Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Crochet tote bag

crochet tote bag
crochet tote bag

 A simple tote bag to crochet, small enough for a toddler to carry around and perhaps put a small sandwich box into it.  From memory this took 4 hours to crochet?

Equipmenet needed:
4mm size crochet hook;
8 ply or DK acrylic yarn in four colours:  Burgundy red/maroon, white, dusty rose and magenta pink. You only need very small amounts of scrap yarns for this tote bag.
Pretty round button

I can share the pattern if anyone is interested, just email me or send a comment on this post.

A bit of close ups to see the stitches for those interested.  This tote is made of few simple stitches scattered all over different rows.