Monday, 30 September 2013

Stash-buster Challenge project #9 - toddler hats

toddler spring/summer bucket hat
toddler spring/summer bucket hat

toddler spring/summer bucket hat
toddler spring/summer bucket hat

Needle and yarn

2.0 mm
3.0 mm

224 meters, 40 grams 0.4 skeins = 245.0 yards (224.0m)


This is a very much make up as I go pattern. I have unravelled it many times when it did not look quite right with sizing.
For the bulk of the patter, crown and sides of hat, I used 3mm crochet hook. Then switch to using 2mm for the brim when doing single crochets.

The above hat is sized to suit 12 month to 3 year old toddler.
Finished size:  30cm width x 20.5cm height
windflower square motifs hat
windflower square - 5 motifs hat

windflower square motifs hat

windflower square motifs hat

4.0 mm (G) crochet hook used

137.2 meters, 50 grams 0.5 skeins = 150.0 yards (137.2m)


For this hat, I am only estimating the yardage used. It did not seem much was used, as I still have little bit left, enough for a smaller beanie maybe.

yarn used:60% acrylic 40% nylon Patons Australia Big Baby 8ply
I made five windflower square motifs as per pattern, join - the squares as I crochet along, with slip stitch for the four motifs in a ring. The with the top or crown square motif, I did chains to link it up, in addition to the patterns required on the fifth round on the working square. The chains I did were: ch 2, ss, ch then dc to the working square or dc clusters where required on the corners.
For the hat’s brim, I crochet 16 treble stitches all around on round 1. No turning required at end of rounds. For round two and three, just do ch 2, 1 x fptr in first st, 1 tr in each of next 2 stitches, just repeating this sequence till I get it all around.
Round 4 of the hat’s brim, I used picot edge stitch to finish it off. Ch 1, sc in each of next 4 st, on 4th sc, do 4 ch, then back into sc sp to make the picot. Repeat this sequence * till the end, just finish off with sc to the end, then ss to ch 1 if beginning ch1. I had 23 picot edges around the hat’s brim.
Final hat measurements laid flat:
9.5” width x 7.5” height
circumference of hat: 17.5” to suit a 12 month old to 2 year old toddler.
Each square motif measures 4” x 4” or 100 cm x 100cm.
The crochet pattern is taken from this website:
© 2007 Beverly Button