Thursday, 21 November 2013

Breakfast ideas for little toddler

I am very lucky and blessed to have a good little eater who is not fussy about what to eat and also not picky despite my poor culinary skills in the kitchen!  

Regardless of how my food turns out or is presented, my little girl will still chow down all the food, most of the time.  Though, lately, she has been making choices about when she wants to eat certain foods or fruits.  She eats strawberries on certain mornings but not every morning as part of her breakfasts!!

toddler breakfast
toddler breakfast: french toast with honey, orange slices, strawberries

home-made yogurt with bananas, apple, strawberries.  rice puffs and special K (adult cereal) with milk

hash brown, egg (it looks bit rubbery and dry), banana sliced, tomatoes (her favourite)