Sunday, 17 November 2013

New sewing quick projects - toddler clothing 2T-3T

Bought this top pop poplin fabric at Spotlight for $2.99 per metre, I bought 2 metres in total to help me practice my sewing projects.  So I decided to try the night dress pattern again, this time, I used some "super seams" in this sewing projects.  All my seams are sewn so raw edges are hidden away, and I did not do any zig-zag stitches as before.  Hiding the seams are preferred way for me, as they look neater.

For ideas on super seams, I followed the tutorials found on this blog:

Items needed for this sewing project:  
Poplin fabric, 112cm x 125cm
6mm width x 16 inch length elastic (1/4" width)
(18" is too long for my 2-3 yr old)
Sewing machine
Scissors and pink general purpose thread
Pattern cut-outs
Tailors chalk
Night gown #2 with flower yoyo

For how to make a flower yo-yo, check this out:
Night dress using poplin fabric
The flower embellishment was made using scrap fabric and some buttons I have in my stash.

Pyjamas pant for summer
The pyjamas pant pattern was taken from Emma Hardy's "making children's clothes".  It is sized for 2T-3T.  Pattern #16 used.
Fabric used was pink top pop poplin 79"  x 40" (200cm x 100cm)
No edging or contrast fabric used.
Elastic 6mm (1/4") width x 20" length
Pink coloured thread
Instead of overlocking or doing zig-zag stitches to prevent fabric frays, I did super seams on the sides and also the crotch area for the pants. 

Gathered elasticated skirt with ruffle

There is no pattern used for this gathered elasticated skirt with ruffle.  Basically I just started off  with two separate pieces of fabric, mainly the top and middle part of the skirt, but found it a bit too short at 9" length, so I decided to add a blue slightly ruffled bottom to make skirt longer.

What I used:

23" length x 4" Noah's Ark uncoated decor cotton fabric height for the top of skirt (where the elastic casing is)
35" length x 13" height for the middle section of skirt (Noah's Ark uncoated decor cotton fabric)
45" length x 5" height for the bottom blue ruffle (top pop poplin costs $2.99 per metre)
Elastic for waist - 6mm width (1/4") x 20" length (toddler waist is 19")