Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Sewing a toddler dress - using old bed sheets

toddler dress (aka pillowcase dress)
Hi there, for this sewing project, I used some old unused bed sheets that have been lying around in my mums linen cupboard.  The pattern I used required 40 inch (100cm) square of fabric.  After cutting out the pattern and sewing the dress, I found it a bit too short for my 2 year old toddler so I decided to add some more fabric to it.  I decided to add some ruffles.  For the ruffled hem, I used 4" height x 50" length, and 1/2" seam allowance.

There is also two fabric cut outs for the front and back bodice, with a shorter length, just 2" below the armhole, used for lining the top or chest area.

After sewing the lining to the front and back bodice, I also did a top stitch around the armholes which is not indicated in the book. Some of the extra embellishments indicated in the book were omitted in this project, as I just wanted to test out the main pattern, which is the dress.  You could add a flower yo-yo to the front bodice and also coloured ribbons along the bottom of the dress.

1/2" seam allowance used throughout.
Straps made from 2 x 2" width x 28" length fabric. (50cm width x 80cm length)
White thread used
Safety pin
Singer 160 sewing machine
Pattern for 2T-3T

The pattern for the toddler dress was taken from this book by Emma Hardy, "making children's clothes".