Thursday, 10 October 2013

Crochet pattern for baby girl tricolour beanie, 3-6 months

Hello there, here's another baby beanie I crocheted recently.  Just a pattern I came up with after unwinding the yarn and restarting quite a number of times.  The beanie is finished with a picot edging and a 6 petal flower embellishment.  Thought I try adding a flower to jazz it up a bit, as normally my beanies are plain and without any embellishments.

Will write down the patterns once I can sit down and concentrate...

tricolour baby girl beanie 3-6 months

crochet beanie girl
beanie with a buttoned 6 petal flower

size of finished beanie:  6" height (crown to base) x 7.5" with (base) or 16cm height x 19cm width
circumference of beanie:  38cm approximately

Yarn used for this beanie:

Patons Big Baby white yarn 8 ply or DK
Patons Big Baby  yarn 8 ply or DK
Bella Baby baby wonder sky (blue) yarn (col 80251145 Lot 2210 4 ply

(60% Acrylic and 40% Nylon) for all yarns used.

Crochet hook size 4mm
Burgundy coloured button - 1cm size approximately
sewing needle and white thread to sew button

Make a daisy flower using pattern found in this book Visual Quick Tips Crochet by Cecily Keim and Kim P. Werker,  Wiley Publishing, Inc.

Other alternatives and guides to how to crochet a flower: