Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Sewing project: Gathered elasticated skirts again

Hello there, I found a simple sewing pattern on this blog that shows you how to do an elasticated gathered skirt.  I recently tried it out, it was real easy and so I got addicted to making more, seeing that my toddler girl only wants to wear skirts this spring.

So this was what I used to start them off:

100% plain orange Satin (polyester)
114cm width x 50cm/20 inch for skirt and sash (skirt is 16" length)
114cm width x 16 inch for skirt (polycotton floral print)
2 x 6mm elastic x 50cm/20" length
A safety pin to thread the elastic through.
Measuring tape and straight ruler
Fabric chalk for marking

These materials are so economical that if I did make a mistake with my sewing, it would not matter.  The satin orange fabric I has it in my stash for a long long time, so I thought I used it for this trial.  It is meant to be a costume material, but she can wear it for party or special occasions.  Will need to find some nice top to team it with.

These skirts suits a 2-3 year old girl with waistline 19-20 inches or 54cm waistline.

Satin orange skirt with sash
Orange satin skirt with a skinny sash

floral toddler skirt
Polycotton floral print skirt

The method and where I found it on this blog:

The sash I made was only about 1" width, but I started with 3" width material, used 2 x 114cm length x 75cm width for skinny sash.  Join two fabrics of 114cm together to  make sash, then I trimmed off excess length once I tried it on my toddler, doing a bow tie with the half-finished sash.