Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Feeding my little toddler her meals

Family and toddler meal ideas

Ever since my toddler can eat a family meal and have what we are having for meals, we have been eating together as a family, rather than just feeding her dinner first.  For lunch, both of us will eat together wherever it is possible.  That is when she can sit and feed herself, and does not demand a story time session.  I used to read her books as a baby whenever she sits at the high chair.  It is her favourite time of the day, as she gets my undivided attention and devotion!  Nowadays, she is quite independent and can self feed, but she sometimes will demand her favourite book borrowed from the library.  At other times, she will read a magazine or food catalogue from the supermarkets....  Good way to enhance her dining experience.

Hello there, just thought I share some toddler meals I prepare for my own kid.  This blog is a way of recording what transpires in my daily life as a stay at home parent, so it will also include what I feed her hungry little tummy.

Sometimes it is a challenge getting my toddler to sit at her high chair, so I have to try and give her something nice to have her meals in, like cute cutlery and plate, with some interesting food in it, hopefully it will appeal to her taste buds.

Lunch:  Egg, cucumber and avocado multigrain sandwich, with tomatoes,
orange and strawberries.

Dinner: Fettucine with broccoli, grape tomatoes, tuna and mushrooms

Dinner:  Avocado and grapes, Asian stir fry veggies, bok choy and scrambled eggs with rice.

dinner: miso soup and stir fried noodles with red cabbage and chicken mince