Tuesday, 29 October 2013

What's been happening lately... No crocheting but dabbling in sewing and enjoying some great food by my dad

Hello people!  Hope you are keeping well, for those who check in on my little blog.  Been away from crocheting lately, but I have not been idle.  I've gotten myself into learning how to sew using a recently acquired Singer 160 sewing machine, which I purchased in May, for myself, as a Mother's Day present.

Well, I thought  I could use it to sew toddler clothing for my little girl as well as for my own family.  Perhaps, occasionally sew up gifts for other family members and friends, once I mastered how to use this sewing machine.

To start off, I began using old clothing as my learning pieces.  If the clothing can be recycled or upcycled into something useful, I will refashion it.  Otherwise, will just use the fabric as practice for sewing stitches on the new Singer 160.

Last Sunday evening was a great break away from cooking in my own kitchen and dining at my parents!  It is always a treat and delight whenever my dad gets his hands on cooking for the family. It is good that my mum gets a break from cooking dinner for the family whenever we gather and visit.

So these are just what my dad cooked up, a storm, for a normal Sunday get together dinner.

A Singaporean oyster fried egg dish.  "hao jian"

Asian mixed vegetables stir fry

This is bought from food outlet. Roast pork and duck. 
Sticky rice dish

chicken drumsticks
Yummy marinated baked chicken drumsticks

Deep fried prawns - hubby's favourite